Book Description

From inland peaks and forests to the bold and rocky shore, Maine provides habitat for more than 400 species of birds--roughly half of the species that can be found in all of North America. That wealth of birdlife, coupled with spectacular scenery, has ranked the state high on many birders' lists, and few have observed its loons and puffins, owls and eagles, more thoroughly than Liz and Jan Pierson and Peter Vickery.
The Piersons, who have been birding together for more than twenty years, coauthored A Birder's Guide to the Coast of Maine in 1981. Deciding it was time to revise and expand the scope of that book, the Piersons spent two years in the field doing research and enlisted the help of another longtime Maine birder - avian ecologist and author Peter Vickery. The result is this fascinating and comprehensive new guide, which covers both coastal and inland areas of the state.
Want to see a Willet? Need a Green Heron to cap off a bird list? Salt marshes are the place to look. Where are the best spots to watch hawks? Try York's Mt. Agamenticus or Popham Beach State Park. Broken down by region - from the waters of Biddeford Pool to the mountains of Baxter State Park - this handy book offers birders an in-depth look at the birds characteristic to the various ecosystems found in Maine. It also provides a timetable for birding as well as easy-to-follow directions to the best sites. An invaluable resource, A Birder's Guide to Maine deserves a spot next to the binoculars in any birder's backpack.

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