Don't Call the Thrift Shop

What to Do With a Lifetime of Well-Loved Possessions

Book Description

When it's time for a move to a retirement home, a smaller home, or there's a death in the family, how should you manage a lifetime of family heirlooms and cherished possessions? Should that old chest go to the rummage sale, or is it a rare antique? What
about jewelry, coins, stamp collections, china, silver, glass, memorabilia, baseball cards and toys? Are they valuable? How can we tell? Who will buy them? What are they really worth?

This book is your key to finding the value of everything from diamonds to Teddy Bears, as well as tips about estate planning and appraisals. Find out all about:
*the hottest collectibles markets and why some items skyrocket in price
*how experts spot a valuable antique
*where to get information used by professionals
*selling at auctions, estate sales, and on eBay

About Ryder, Susannah

Susannah Ryder worked in the fine art and antiques profession before embarking on a career in financial services. She combines her background in collectibles with financial insights to produce this comprehensive guide. Susannah lives in Los Angeles, California.