Guide to New Church's Teaching Series

Book Description

A Guide to The New Church's Teaching Series by educator Linda L. Grenz offers practical suggestions for using the books of the series in the diocese or congregation.

A complete reference for clergy and lay leaders, teachers and small group facilitators, the guide provides a brief overview of each book and contains suggestions for additional activities to enhance learning. It surveys a wide variety of church groups and formats for using the series—from adult forums and Bible study groups to retreats and vestry meetings—and recommends volumes of the series that would be most helpful in each context. Finally, the guide offers specific guidelines for recruiting, teaching, and leading small groups in a chapter describing how to create and maintain a learning environment for adults.

About Grenz, Linda

Linda L. Grenz is an Episcopal priest and executive director of LeaderResources, an Episcopal consulting and educational publishing organization in Leeds, Massachusetts. She is also adjunct professor of Christian education at the General Theological Seminary and the author of several books, including The Marriage Journey and The Doubleday Pocket Bible Guide.