Kennedys in Hollywood

Book Description

Quirk's book zeroes in on one of the more publicized aspects of the Kennedy family: Their involvement with Hollywood over a seventy year period that began in the 1920s when Joseph Kennedy expanded his business interests into film production. The Kennedys in Hollywood bridges three generations of America's royal family: from Joseph Kennedy's torrid affair with Gloria Swanson and Jack's numerous liaisons with stars such as Gene Tierney, Angie Dickinson and most notoriously Marilyn Monroe, to Maria Shriver's marriage to Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Jr.'s relationship with Daryl Hannah. Longtiime Hollywood reporter and writer Quirk has used his knowledge and friendship with the Kennedys and many film stars to create a engrossing saga of America's most revered dynasty. The engrossing story is illustrated with rare photographs ranging from movie stills of the silent-film beauties persued by Joe Sr. to candid shots of John Jr., Shriver, and Schwarzenegger.

About Quirk, Lawrence J.

Lawrence J. Quirk is the author of more than twenty-five books, including the bestseller Fasten Your Seatbelts: The Passionate Life of Bette Davis, The Films of Gloria Swanson, and Robert Francis Kennedy. His family-noted in Massachusetts's politics for most of the century-has know the Kennedys since before the turn of the century. Quirk lives in New York City.