Daddy Smarts 2

The First Two Years

Book Description

Every nine seconds a baby is born in the United States, and in the split second that one life begins, countless others are changed forever. Becoming a father is one of the most wonderful, enlightening, crazy, scary, frustrating, and enjoyable experiences a man will ever go through, yet no one tells you what you are really in for until your child arrives. Daddy Smarts: The First Two Years is as close as it gets. In this follow up to Daddy Smarts: A Guide for Rookie Dads, best-selling author and veteran father of three, Bradley Richardson tells you everything you need toknow regarding your baby, your wife, and your life as a dad through the terrible twos-all from an entertaining and informative male perspective. Organized into eight major sections that follow the first 24 months of your child's life, Daddy Smarts: The First Two Years consists of brief chapters, sidebars, and examples from real dads from all walks of life. No subject is off-limits as Richardson advises his brethren on such matters as a baby's many excretions (and how to handle them) and sex (or not) in the post-pregnancy world. Each chapter concludes with a bulleted summary of key points with a suggested action plan and checklist. Eminently usable, conversational, and energetic, Daddy Smarts provides positive and negative scenarios, situations and anecdotes that readers can identify with, learn from, and, ultimately, be inspired by.

About Richardson, Bradley G.

Author of four previous books, Bradley G. Richardson is a double-guru. In his late 20s, he established himself as a career counselor extraordinaire with JobSmarts for Twentysomethings: A Street-smart Script for Career Success (Vintage, 1995) and JobSmarts: 50 Top Careers (HarperCollins, 1997). In his early 30s, Richardson became the new dad's lifesaver with DaddySmarts: A Guide for Rookie Fathers, (Taylor, 2000). His Career Comeback: 8 Steps for Getting Back on Your Feet… was published in January 2004, Broadway Books/Random House). Currently national interactive sales manager for the Wall Street Journal, Richardson resides in Dallas with his wife, Meredith, and their three kids, Samantha, Skylar, and Tyler.