Uk - Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road

Exploring a New Path Between Two Faiths

Book Description

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Today's tensions between the "Islamic" East and "Christian" West run high. Here Paul-Gordon Chandler presents fresh thinking in the area of Christian-Muslim relations, showing how Christ—whom Islam reveres as a Prophet and Christianity worships as the divine Messiah—can close the gap between the two religions. Historically, Christians have taken a confrontational or missionary approach toward Islam, leading many Muslims to identify Christianity with the cultural prejudices and hegemonic ambitions of Westerners. On the individual level, Christ-followers within Islam have traditionally been encouraged by Christians to break away from their Muslim communities. Chandler boldly explores how these two major religions—which share much common heritage—can not only co-exist, but also enrich each other. He illustrates his perspective with examples from the life of Syrian novelist Mazhar Mallouhi, widely read in the Middle East. Mallouhi, a self-identified "Sufi Muslim follower of Christ," seeks to bridge the chasm of misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians through his novels.

About Chandler, Paul Gordon

Paul-Gordon Chandler is a U.S. Episcopal priest serving in the Middle East. He grew up in Muslim West Africa, and has lived and worked extensively throughout the Islamic world with churches, Christian publishing, and relief and development agencies. Paul-Gordon lived in the UK for several years, working with the Anglican church and as the director of SPCK Worldwide.