In the Falcon's Claw

A Novel of the Year 1000

Book Description

In the year 998 A.D., the Apocalypse is believed imminent. Strengthened by a fearful and superstitious populace, the Church is seeking to harness a decaying Holy Roman Empire by asserting its absolute authority in interpreting the will of God. Aileran, a monk perceived as saintly, takes issue with the Church and is accused of heresy. Based on real events, places, and people, In the Falcon's Claw magically evokes the political and pastoral landscapes of tenth-century while exploring love, friendship and timeless spiritual and religious questions.

About Raymo, Chet

Chet Raymo is professor emeritus of physics and astronomy at Stonehill College in Massachusetts. He is teacher, naturalist, and former science columnist for the Boston Globe.