Texas Politicians

Good 'n' Bad

Book Description

Texas perhaps more than any other state has bred ruthless individualism. Accompanying this is a certain contempt, a sense among some who enter the rough-and-tumble arena of politics that they may ignore the finer points of the law they swear to uphold.
The only problem the author encountered was choosing which politicians to write about from among the ambitious, self-serving men and women who guided and governed in this huge diverse state. This book is about people who believed that “What's good for me is good for Texas.” In a surprising number of cases, they were right!
These stories are not just biographies, but historical and political analyses of the benefits that accrued to the state and its people as a result of these politicians' self-serving ruthlessness, told with wit and humor and a considerable dose of irony.

About Sizer, Mona D.