Masters' Secrets of Crappie Fishing

Book Description

Neither rain, sleet, snow, dark of night, 100-degree heat, nor -10 wind chill will prevent John Phillips from crappie fishing. The author has caught crappie through the ice in Minnesota, in the sizzling sun of Florida and in many of the states in between. Phillips has fished with most of the nation’s best crappie anglers to learn their secret strategies for catching crappie year-round under every type of weather and water condition. Those techniques and experiences are detailed in this book for the enjoyment and success of enthusiastic crappie anglers.
Learn how to:

  • Make crappie start biting again
  • Find crappie when a cold front hits
  • Select the proper jig color
  • Catch open-water crappie
  • Use spider-webbing techniques
  • Locate crappie with depthfinders
  • Fish hot weather and through ice

About Phillips, John E.

For more than four decades, John E. Phillips has been an avid crappie fisherman, first tagging along behind his dad and older brother when he could only toddle. Phillips has gathered information for his newspaper columns, magazine articles and books for the past 20 years. The award-winning author of 12 other books, Phillips has spent many years afield crappie fishing.