Succeeding in Your Medical School Finals

Book Description

Succeeding in your Medical School Finals:Instant Revision notes provides medical students sitting finals with a quick and easy revision guide covering all topics examined in medical school finals examinations. Key topics and facts are presented in an accessible and easy-to-remember format utilising bullet points, tables and evidence-based medicine to stimulate learning and maximise recall. Written by junior doctors together with consultants, the salient areas of the undergraduate syllabus are succinctly presented in a clear format. Tables, diagrams, x-rays and information boxes provide instant reference. Mnemonics, memory aids and algorithms are utilised to facilitate learning and expedite recall. Succeeding in your Medical School Finals:Instant Revision notes covers all topics examined in medical finals with more detail given to more commonly examined topics. Each chapter is accompanied by self-test questions to consolidate learning. The book encourages students to add their own notes to the text within space provided and is ideal for instant revision prior to medical finals and as a quick reference guide when starting work as a junior doctor. Key features include the latest information and up-to-date information on diseases and management as examined in medical finals. Each chapter is written by a junior doctor in that field together with a medical consultant to ensure facts are up-to-date and accurate. More emphasis is given to more commonly examined topics with less commonly examined topics covered towards the end of the book. Topics are instantly accessible and are divided into pathology, aetiology, signs & symptoms, investigations, treatment, prognosis and complications. The book includes self-test SBAs and EMQs – Single Best Answer Questions and Extended Matching Questions help to consolidate learning at the end of each chapter. The content is evidence-based, the latest studies and trials are included where appropriate to stimulate learning. Diagrams, tables, x-rays are utilised to help students understand key topics. Mnemonics, memory aids, algorithms help to maximise recall. Basic sciences are integrated throughout the text to aid learning. Eponymous syndromes, often a favourite in medical finals are highlighted throughout the text. This easy-to-use guide will be a great help in preparing you fully for your final exams (and a valuable reference for your Foundation years). It is an essential revision book for anyone serious about excelling in their medical degree.

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