To Hasten the Homecoming

How Americans Fought World War II through the Media

Book Description

Jordan Braverman's eloquent narrative account of media participation in World War II is comprehensive enough to satisfy the most rigorous academic standards, but written to be accessible to all readers. To Hasten the Homecoming is an important cultural history of the American home front during World War II, which examines how popular culture reinforced patriotic sentiments and united an innocent country to defeat a common enemy. Braverman provides readers with a deep insight into America's national identity and self-perceptions during the most savage war in history.

About Braverman, Jordan

Jordan Braverman is a widely published author and columnist, whose articles and columns have appeared in the Congressional Record and such newspapers as The Baltimore Sun, The Journal Newspapers, Capital Jester, and the Washington Star. A graduate of Harvard University, he also holds graduate degrees from Yale and Georgetown.