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About Winters, Richard

Richard Winters is not only a horse trainer, competitor, AA-rated judge and former world champion, but also an equine clinician and horsemanship instructor. He is a fine horseman and outstanding communicator, and with both horses and people.
As a result, Winters served as Artist in Residence for 10 years in the horse department at the Thacher School in Ojai, Calif., a private academy known for its academic excellence and extensive equine program. Since then, Richard Winters Horsemanship has become a popular program on RFD-TV for horse-sport enthusiasts. His horsemanship clinics for riders at all levels of expertise, particularly those interested in cow-horse competition, have proven successful nationwide and internationally.
The 2005 Limited-Open Hackamore World Champion in National Reined Cow Horse Association-approved competition, Winters received the Monty Roberts Equitarian Award in 2007. Winters then became the 2009 Super Cow-Horse Champion and the 2009 Road to the Horse Champion, and in 2012 he claimed the championship at the International Colt-Starting Competition in Poland. From 2010 through 2015 Winters provided commentary as the Horseman’s Host at Road to the Horse competitions, and in 2016 returned to the event as a competitor. A lifelong horseman, Winters continues to compete successfully in reined-cow-horse events, and his popularity as a clinician continues to grow.