From Conception to Confusion

A Humorous Collection of Stories From a Mom Who's Trying to Keep Her Sanity Intact, Her House Clean, and Her Husband and Kids From Finding Her Stash of Good Chocolate

Book Description

Between bribing her kids with the giant Starbucks cookies to being ridiculously overwhelmed by third grade math homework, Julie Davidson created a series of essays relating to the journey of motherhood. Julie has found that her words resonate with countless other parents in their quest to navigate parenthood-even before the baby is born. Some might say Julie's lowering the bar of motherhood, but Julie prefers to say she's just holding the bar down so others can join her.

About Davidson, Julie

Julie Davidson is an accidental writer from the Midwest. She and her husband, Charles, are raising two teenaged boys. Because she never liked math, she majored in Communication. Julie has spent nearly 20 years as a radio personality where people are forced to listen to her. Additionally, she has written for MetroParent Magazine and Mommy MD Guides. Julie has found through writing and blogging she can connect with others and provide a sense of relief to those who are also confused and frustrated in navigating life's events and relationships. Julie credits her hippy parents and five older brothers for her quirky, sarcastic ways. When she's not writing she dreams of writing from a log cabin in Colorado. And finding out what that foul odor in the house is.