America at War

World War I in America through the Tabloids

Book Description

Making use of tabloid magazines and newspapers this book shows the pictures and illustrations that showed America the War overseas and how it affected life in the US

About Rospond, Vincent W.

Vincent W. Rospond received his Master’s in Eastern European History from the University of Illinois as well as studying at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and the MBA program at Seton Hall University. He has spent almost 20 years as an executive in the publishing and gaming industry. He started Winged Hussar Publishing, LLC (WHP) as a venture for historians to publish books and articles on lesser known periods of history and give readers access to translated historical documents. His first book for WHP is a new edition of Caesar’s Commentaries of the Gallic Wars. In addition to his work at WHP, he is editor of the Journal of America’s Military Past, a peered reviewed journal focusing on the people, places and things related to America’s military. He currently lives at the sunny New Jersey shore with his wife, kids and dog.