Coping with the Emotional Impact of Cancer

Book Description

Encouraging cancer patients to be actively involved in their treatment, Neil A. Fiore, Ph.D., a psychologist, author, and 30-year survivor of a terminal cancer diagnosis, dramatically demonstrates in Coping with the Emotional Impact of Cancer how patients can maintain personal control of their lives while subject to sometimes harsh treatments. Offering hope and reassurance, Fiore provides practical tools for: managing the initial shock at receiving a cancer diagnosis, lessening stress and worry, combating depression, preparing your body for treatment, and living a rich full life with cancer despite the fear and possibility of recurrence. Drawing on his training in psychology, self-hypnosis, focusing, and visualization, Fiore offers practical techniques for coping with the emotional and physical impact of this life-threatening disease. He shows how to establish team relationships with doctors and therapists, communicate with family and friends, and deal with feelings of helplessness. He also offers support for facing the fear of diagnosis and reducing the stresses of therapy. This book is a powerful ally in becoming an active patient and coping with the side effects of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Showing ways to build emotional support systems with physicians, family and friends, it demonstrates how personal attitudes can have an enormous impact on the course of recovery. Dr. Neil Fiore is a Godsend to those making the journey through cancer. His wise and practical advice, which comes from personal experience as well as years of working with others on a healing path, is a gift beyond measure. -Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

About Fiore, Neil

Neil Fiore is a founding member of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, author of The Now Habit and Awaken Your Strongest Self, a Vietnam vet, and a licensed psychologist and coach in private practice.