Truckin' & Trailerin'


Book Description

For today's horse owner, a truck and trailer are as essential as a saddle and bridle. A proper rig greatly expands a rider's horizons. Riding in the isolation of a home arena or on nearby trails gets old fast. Soon enough, the rider wants to venture out and enjoy riding, with other horse people. For that the horse person needs comfortable, reliable, and safe transportation.

This booklet details how to find the right truck and trailer for the particular horse person's needs and budget. Also, it offers good advice on properly selecting, using, and maintaining the equipment. Much of the information is intended for the novice horse hauler, someone who hasn't spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a truck and horse trailer.

Divided into two sections, "The Rig" guides you through some basic knowledge: how to choose a tow vehicle, how to mate it with a trailer, and how to keep both on the road. Also covered are advantages of gas versus diesel engines, gearing, cooling, optional equipment, and different types of trailer-hitch designs. The second section, "On the Road Again and Again and Again," delves into the subjects of trailer loading, trailer handling, and over-the-road safety. Other topics include truck and trailer "lingo," equipment maintenance, and trailer storage.

About Ehringer, Gavin

Gavin Ehringer is a free-lance writer from Colorado Springs, Colorado, whose work has appeared in many publications including Western Horseman for which he also writes a rodeo column, The Quarter Horse Journal, Horse & Rider, Paint Horse Journal, The Reiner, Cowboys & Indians, and American Cowboy. He's written sports articles for Encyclopedia Britannica and personality profiles for PEOPLE Weekly. Additionally, he's covered the winter ski and sports scene for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver and has written for numerous outdoor lifestyle magazines about skiing, rodeo, horses, adventure sports and travel. He also co-authored a book titled Rodeo in America.