A Horseshoeing Guide For Owners & Farriers

Book Description

Readers can use this book as a guide to learn whether their horses are being shod properly or use it to learn to shoe their own horses. The book stresses good horse handling techniques and proper trimming. Correct trimming of the feet is the basis of good shoeing, and neither can be accomplished if the horseshoer cannot get the horse to stand still long enough to work on him-thus the importance of handling. To get really proficient at horseshoeing, it takes a lot of practice trimming and shoeing a lot of different horses. This book covers all the basics in plain, simple language, lavishly illustrated, and diagrammed.

About Baskins, Don

Don Baskins studied other horseshoers at work and he studied the old Cavalry and other horseshoeing manuals. He spent his time in the United States Marine Corps as the military's horseshoer. After his discharge from the Marines, he worked in California shoeing a variety of gaited horses, harness and show ponies, perfecting his forge work along the way. He settled in Tucumcari, New Mexico, where he and his wife Oda raised their family and operated his business. He is in demand as a traveling shoer, working a five-state region and is often flying in to shoe horses for loyal clients.