Cowboys & Buckaroos

Trade Secrets Of A North American Icon

Book Description

Not since Fay E. Ward’s Working Cowboy has there been a book that better explains the techniques and skills a horseman needs to master to become a modern-day working cowboy.
There are distinct differences between cowboys and buckaroos. In addition, there’s a third hybrid version that embraces the best of both styles. The differences between these styles, and the similarities as well, are explained. Chapters include everything a cowboy or cowgirl needs to know in order to function in a twentyfirst century ranch or feedlot setting.
This book should appeal to the vast number of cowhands and ranchers that
already work with cattle on horseback, as well as weekend cowboys who show a keen desire to do so by either helping out with neighbors or visiting guest ranches on a working vacation. Technique and etiquette are equally important in the cowboy and buckaroo trade. Furthermore, this book should also serve as an invaluable educational resource manual in many extension seminars held at feedlots, colleges, and high schools across North America dealing with the handling of horses, cattle, and dogs.

About O'Byrne, Tim

Tim O'Byrne has gathered most of his beef cattle and horse experience while holding management positions on Canada's largest commercial cow-calf and feedlot operations. He and his wife Christine began their consulting business near Calgary, Alberta in 1994. Tim's first project was to develop high-school and college level extension courses dealing in livestock handling and compliance with agricultural law. Investigating the issues surrounding commercial livestock transportation appeared to be a natural next step. Tim assisted the Alberta Farm Animal Care Association, the Canadian Cattlemen's Association and Alberta Pork to design Canada's first deliverable training courses for livestock truckers. He continues to consult on livestock transportation, handling and animal welfare law. He's written a book on the working cattle dog and is a frequent contributor to Western Horseman magazine and Canadian Cattleman magazine. Tim and Christine currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada.