With You as My Friend

Thoughts for a Very Special Person

Book Description

A gift for that BFF (Best Friend Forever) in your life—to celebrate a birthday, a special day, or for any day when a good friend would like to express appreciation for their relationship. With caring words, Paula Finn captures the essence of that special friendship and celebrates the journey that's been shared through good times and bad. With You as My Friend is a thank you gift to be treasured for years to come.

About Finn, Paula

Paula Finn started her career as a writer in the 1980's with the popular greeting card publisher, Blue Mountain Arts. Since then she has licensed her inspirational words worldwide for top selling greeting cards and gift products. She is the author of eight published gift books, and her work has been featured on ABC-TV's 20/20 TV Show. She receives mail from readers around the world thanking her for putting into words "exactly" what they feel. This is her first book with Bristol Park Books.