Thoughts for All Occasions

Book Description

In the classic tradition of Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, Samuel Johnson, and H.L. Mencken, here is a thoughtful, reflective book of distilled wisdom—epigrams. Webster's dictionary defines an epigram as "A concise, clever, often paradoxical statement", i.e. a short piece of wisdom, often witty or satiric. These original epigrams by author Michael Lipsey ponder some of life's greatest questions about living, dying, love, mortality, religion, science, work, health and wealth. They get right to the point, giving fresh insights to those questions in a very few words.

About Lipsey, Michael

Michael Lipsey is an epigrammatist and artist living in California. He is the author of several collections of original epigrams. Most of his epigrams range across life, science, religion, culture, manners and many other subjects. They are frequently quoted by teachers and speakers. His epigrams have now been quoted on an estimated 15,000 websites and blogs.