Fish Florida Saltwater

Better Than Luck—The Foolproof Guide to Florida Saltwater Fishing

Book Description

Whoo, tarpon, snook, barracuda! Florida's saltwaters have always been the best places in the world to catch these and many other feisty game fishes. Now, Boris Arnov, avid Florida fisherman and fishing school proproetor, has written a unique guide to tell you when, where, and how to catch more than 35 varieties of sport fish. Here you'll find the best bait, the best season, the best techniques, and the very best places to make the catch.

About Arnov, Boris

Boris Arnov has written about fish for Florida Naturalist, Saltwater Sportsman, Hollywood Herald, and other publications and is the author of nine books on marine life. Boris Arnov has worked as a charter boat captain and is professor of English at Florida Atlantic Universtiy in Boca Raton, Florida.