The Official Heavy Metal Book of Lists

Book Description

The heaviest book of all time! The ÊSpinal TapÊ of books! A gorgeous time-wasting absolutely essential toilet reader!ÞPart rock trivia contest part encyclopedia of excess ÊThe Official Heavy Metal Book of ListsÊ features over 150 lists that chronicle rock and roll's most enduring genre. Ever wanted to know the names of Alice Cooper's snakes? The names of ÊSpinal TapÊ's dead drummers? Which metal stars have made celebrity sex tapes??ÞGet ready to be thrown headfirst into a mosh pit of wacky wild and weird lists from metal's hardest-hitting stars ä members of Motêrhead Sepultura Guns N' Roses Vixen Biohazard Whitechapel Dethklok and GWAR are among the heavyweights who cast their ballots herein (not to mention porn stars Air Guitar champs and the director of ÊHeavy Metal Parking LotÊ). PARENTAL ADVISORY FOR EXPLICIT CONTENT.

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