An Illustrated History

Book Description

Master historian Edwin P. Hoyt depicts with graphic and gripping detail the conflict between revolutionary Texas and the Mexican government determined to rule. In the first paperback edition of a highly acclaimed history, Hoyt describes the well-known historical facts of the revolution, the pivotal siege of the Alamo, and the decisive aftermath, and fills them with new life. By merging a multitude of authoritative accounts of this turbulent period and the bloody clashes that shaped it, Hoyt paints a dynamic portrait of Texas rebels and Mexican authorities locked in a struggle over the fate of an untamed land.
Fully illustrated with more than 120 black and white and full color images, The Alamo reveals the entire spectrum of Texas's determined bid for independence. Read of the triumph, passion, and tragedy of the valiant yet doomed defenders of the old Spanish mission.

About Hoyt, Edwin P.

Edwin P. Hoyt is an accomplished journalist and historian whose previous books include 199 Days: The Battle for Stalingrad and Bowfin: The True Story of a Fabled Fleet Submarine in World War II. He divides his time between homes in Tokyo and Portland, Oregon.