Buried Treasures of the Mid-Atlantic States

Book Description

Legends of lost Revolutionary War gold, hidden colonial silver, buried civil war loot, and more!

Did Fat Patty Cannon really rob and murder at least 37 businessmen and then bury the stolen gold near her Delaware treasure? Has British General Edward Braddock's lost payroll, secreted by soldiers in a Maryland cave, every been found? Could a workman actually scatter a fortune's worth of emeralds on the ground, thinking the green stones were mere playthings?

Comprised of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic States are rich in history, culture, legend, and lore. This twelfth book in W.C. Jameson's Buried Treasure collection offers thirty tales of this region that have remained largely uncollected and unpublished for generations.

Lost mines, buried loot, caches of gold and silver ingots, gangsters, Indians, pirates, chests of precious stones--such are the ingredients of a rich stew of folkloric treasure gathered from a melting pot of America. These legends of lost fortunes will teach readers about courage, responsibility and resourcefulness.

About Jameson, W.C.

W.C. Jameson Bio:

W.C. Jameson is the award-winning and best-selling author of more than seventy books and over 1,500 articles and essays. In addition, he is an accomplished songwriter and performer, having recorded five albums of his original music and acted in five films. He has written the soundtracks for four films, and wrote and performed in the musical, “Whatever Happened to the Outlaw, Jesse James?”

Jameson is the best-selling treasure author in the world. Perhaps he is known best, as the creator of the popular Buried Treasures of America series for August House. His success and fame as a professional treasure hunter has led to appearances on television's “Unsolved Mysteries,” the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel, Nightline, and National Public Radio. He also consulted with the production team for the highly successful feature film, “National Treasure,” starring Nicholas Cage. One of Jameson's most popular books is Billy the Kid: Beyond the Grave, a regional bestseller. This controversial book presents stunning evidence that the famous outlaw, Billy the Kid, was not killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett in 1881 but went on to live an adventurous and productive life for the next sixty-nine years.

Jameson has won numerous awards for his writing from a number of professional associations. A nationally recognized and honored author, he has served as a judge for several prestigious literary competitions. When not on an expedition or writing a book, Jameson tours the country performing his music at folk festivals, colleges and universities, concert halls, and roadhouses.