Wild in the Kitchen

Recipes for Wild Fruits, Weeds, and Seeds

Book Description

Wild edibles are everywhere—in the woods, along sidewalks an even in the back yard. These truly natural foods are nutritious, taste much better than their plastic-wrapped domestic counterparts, and best of all, they are free!

This delightful cookbook contains over 75 delectable recipes along with guidelines to help you find, pick, and prepare all types of wild plants. Soon you will be making cakes and pies from hawthorns and ground cherries; soups made with fiddlehead ferns or wild leeks; and salads of milkweed, dandelion, day lilies or lamb's quarters.

About Mogelon, Ronna

Ronna Mogelon is a graphic designer, chef, and amateur naturalist who lives in a 100-year-old log home in rural Ontario. She became interested in wild edible plants when she moved to the country and began to explore the woodlands and meadows on her farm.