Natural Creativity

Exploring and Using Nature's Raw Material to Craft Simple, Functional, and Attractive Objects

Book Description

Creativity is essentially nothing more than awareness: the ability to take notice, to pay attention, to perceive, to examine, to probe, to weigh, to study, to look, and to heed. A big part of creativity is discovery, and the natural world is one big treasure hunt, full of potential, possibility, and priceless possessions.

Natural Creativity will interest craftspeople and artists of all ages, and van be used to promote family projects. It teaches how to rediscover awareness, appreciation, and reverence for every little thing in life. It shows us ways to exercise natural creativity, using nature's raw materials to make natural crafts, thereby integrating personal creativity and ingenuity with nature. In addition, the book raises awareness about America's early settlers with tales and information that heighten the appreciation of traditional American crafts.

In addition, you can use Natural Creativity to guide you on a stimulating journey of creative exploration. Find our more about your natural surroundings as well as your own innate creativity by trying some of the simple and easy-to-follow exercises that are described at the end of each chapter. For more of a challenge, try out the more complicated projects that are scattered throughout the book. These activities make wonderful projects for the whole family to share.

About Dean, Amy

Amy E. Dean, the bestselling author of Night Light and Daybreak, is a nationally known speaker on a variety of topics including personal growth, self-motivation, and development of moral courage. SHe has written many self-help books to assist personal healing, challenge individual growth, foster the development of self-esteem, and nurture spirituality.