Connecticut's Revolutionary Press

Book Description

In the years leading up to the American Revolution, tensions were high, but not everyone felt the same effects of British oppression. Connecticut newspapers took up the mantle to not just report the injustices, but actively convince and insight their readers to stand up and rebel. Charles Cutter lays bare the influence of the press to start the war that gave birth to our nation as we know it.

As one phase of the Bicentennial observation, The American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut has authorized scholars in a wide range of study to write a series of monographs on the broadly defined Revolutionary Era of 1763 to 1787. These monographs [appeared] yearly beginning in 1973 through 1980. Emphasis is placed upon the birth of the nation, rather than on the winning of independence on the field of battle.

About Cutler, Charles L.

Charles L. Cutler (M.Ed., Springfield College) is an editor with Xerox Education Publications, Middletown, Connecticut. His articles have appeared in American Heritage and American History Illustrated.