Connecticut Attacked

A British Viewpoint, Tryon’s Raid on Danbury

Book Description

America won the Revolutionary War against all odds. They were outnumbered and outmaneuvered for the majority of the war, but a few strategic wins turned the tables. One such strategic encounter occurred after the war was won—in Danbury, the British planned a massive raid on Danbury’s magazine of stores in April 1777. Robert McDevitt outlines the leading causes and comprehensive history of this tumultuous time from a British viewpoint.

As one phase of the Bicentennial observation, The American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut has authorized scholars in a wide range of study to write a series of monographs on the broadly defined Revolutionary Era of 1763 to 1787. These monographs [appeared] yearly beginning in 1973 through 1980. Emphasis is placed upon the birth of the nation, rather than on the winning of independence on the field of battle.

About McDevitt, Robert

Robert F. McDevitt (M.S. in Elementary Education) is instructor at the Morris Street School, Danbury, Connecticut. He is on the Publications Committee of the Danbury Bicentennial Commission.