It's Good Business

Ethics and Free Enterprise for the New Millennium

Book Description

Tackling the most pressing challenges the global world of business will provide in the next millennium, internationally recognized philosopher Robert C. Solomon takes a hard look at the responsibilities and concerns of corporations, employees, and consumers. Solomon considers the demands of balancing profit making with social responsibility, the pressures of addressing sexual harassment and affirmative action in the workplace, and strategies for working within and creating a variety of corporate cultures. Solomon persuasively argues that success does not have to come at the price of integrity. "Good ethics," he concludes, "is good business." Extensive case studies, questionnaires, and problem-solving exercises make this an essential guide for navigating the sometimes treacherous terrain of ethical decision-making in a highly competitive environment.

About Solomon, Robert C.

Robert C. Solomon is Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Philosophy and Business and Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of two other books about business ethics, Above the Bottom Line and Ethics and Excellence. He regularly consults and designs programs for a variety of corporations and organizations concerned about business ethics in the United States and abroad.