Undue Process

The Untold Story of American's German Alien Internees

Book Description

Most Americans know that the American government forcibly uprooted and transported thousands of Japanese and Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast to relocation camps for the duration of World War II. What American history has overlooked is that the same injustice was perpetuated against the German population in the United States. Defying clearly articulated constitutional principles, the American government ordered the arrest and internment of thousands of German aliens, including women and children, in federal prison camps without trials or the opportunity for appeal. Based on extensive primary research, including interviews with former prisoners and recently released government documents, prominent historian Arnold Krammer tells the shocking story of America's treatment of German aliens during World War II. Krammer illuminates the government's motives and methods, identifies the victims of the persecution, and describes the quality of life in the camps. With dozens of revealing, never-before- published photographs, this is the first book to explore this neglected topic, and Krammer's well-supported and controversial conclusions will force historians to re-examine America's war-time treatment of all ethnic groups.

About Krammer, Arnold

Arnold Krammer is professor of history at Texas A & M University and the author of the highly acclaimed Nazi Prisoners of War in America. He lives in College Station, Texas.