Julius Streicher

Nazi Editor of the Notorious Anti-semitic Newspaper Der Sturmer

Book Description

The Nazis put a remarkable amount of effort into anti-Semitic propaganda, intending to bring ordinary Germans around to the destructive ideology of the Nazi party. Julius Streicher (1885-1946) spearheaded many of these efforts, publishing anti-Semitic articles and cartoons in his weekly newspaper, Der Stürmer, the most widely read paper in the Third Reich. Streicher won the close personal friendship of Hitler and Himmler, and drew deserved attacks from the world press. Bytwerk's biography examines Streicher's use of propaganda techniques, and the hate literature towards Jews that continued to appear after his death, bearing his influence.

About Bytwerk, Randall

Randall L. Bytwerk, founder of the Nazi and East German Propaganda Web site at Calvin College (www.calvin. edu/academic/cas/gpa/), lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.