Mission to Mars

Plans and Concepts for the First Manned Landing

Book Description

How feasible is a manned Mars flight?
How soon will it be possible?
How long will it take?
What kind of spacecraft will make the journey?
What kind of data will be collected?
What are the advantages of a manned flight over an unmanned?
Mission to Mars discusses these questions and more in this serious, documented treatment of the not-too-distant manned expedition to Mars.
The shuttle has proved successful and an enthusiastic boost to American interest in space. But while many laypeople wonder “what’s next,” scientists are planning what they feel is the next logical step. Drawing on the vast amount of data sent back by Viking orbiters and probes, and existing developments in propulsion and space technology, space experts all over have been speculating, analyzing, and exchanging ideas relative to the long-awaited mission to Mars.
Other factors, critical to an intelligent discussion of such an undertaking are included here: spaceship design and assembly, propulsion systems, navigation principles, life support systems, selecting a landing site, scientific activities on Mars, cost factors, political and social issues.

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