Woven Leather Bags

How to Craft and Weave Purses, Pouches, Wallets and More

Book Description

All you need are strips of leather or suede and a few simple materials and you'll be weaving gorgeous purses, pouches, bags, and wallets. No prior leather working experience required! Step-by-step illustrated instructions walk you through how to create each piece. There are 17 projects with endless variations, plus a chapter on how to take what you've learned to create your own designs..

These bags are fun and easy to make, sure to be admired and appreciated wherever you go!

About Minowa, Naoko

Naoko Minowa opened Studio A Week, a hand-weaving and vegetable dyeing shop, school, and gallery, in Japan in 2011. She introduced finger weaving to provide her students with an unintimidating way to learn weaving, and later wrote the book Finger Weaving Scarves & Wraps to share her techniques with a wider audience. She is the author of many books and chairperson of the Japan Senshoku (Dyeing) Association.