Home Book of Cooking Venison and Other Natural Meats


Book Description

Once again “Mr. Outdoors” guides the way to really succulent eating after a successful hunt. Home Book of Cooking Venison and Other Natural Meats provides not only recipes for enjoyment straight from nature’s banquet table, but also gives tips on their preparation in ways that eliminate waste as well as advice on the best methods of storage for those morsels you save for future feasting.
The flavor of the outdoors on every page is as pungent as the sweet, wafting smoke of a cookfire. Sitting down to your table at home with the product of the corner butcher shop brings a full tummy; sitting down to nature’s table with natural meat that you’ve stalked and prepared yourself brings a freedom comparable only to that of the woodlands itself. Along with that full tummy.

About Angier, Bradford

Living off the land is a way of life, not a hobby, to Brad. He and his wife Vena sacrificed budding careers to become wilderness homesteaders on Canada’s Peace River. They learned the skills they needed to master their new lifestyle from trappers, hunters, prospectors, and traders who live in their primal habitat and then reinforced the knowledge by doing things for themselves.
Bradford Angier (May 13, 1910 – March 3, 1997) was a wilderness survivalist and proponent of back to earth living. He authored more than 35 books on how to survive in the wild and how to live minimalisticly off the land.