Complete Book of the Wild Turkey


Book Description

This work encompasses scientific data about our largest game bird including; food requirements and habitat, habits and enemies, forest management and winter feeding and the application of such knowledge to successful hunting. The choice of the proper rifle or shotgun and ammunition and methods of hunting are dealt with in detail. Complete information is given about commercial callers and the actual calls—turkey talk—the hunter should simulate. There are the specifications for the making of various styles of mechanical callers. Directions are given for field dressing the trophy and its preparation for the table.

About Latham, Roger M.

Roger Latham was the recipient of the 1954 Outdoor Life National Conservation Award for his outstanding working with the wild turkey in his capacity of Chief of the Division of Research, Pennsylvania Game Commission. As well as being a highly regarded technician, the author is a most ardent and skilled hunter possessing an advanced knowledge of turkey “callers”—both reed and friction instruments.