Advanced Hunting on Deer and Elk Trails


Book Description

Successful deer and elk hunting goes far beyond luck, it is dependent for the most part upon knowledge and procedure. The man who takes his hunting seriously will be fascinated by the techniques and thinking of the perfectionist, Francis E. Sell. In his first book, The American Deer hunter, the author thoroughly grounds the student of hunting practices in fundamentals. Advanced Hunting, his second book on the subject, is a postgraduate course, detailing the many refinements which all add up to more action and greater interest. There is not a hunter alive, no matter how broad his experience, who would not glean much from this volume. It will have a tremendous influence on the young enthusiast as a guide to his approach, his attitude, his trend of thought. The book contains the sort of information which should be read and even studied on occasion by every analytical hunter.
Some of the pertinent subject matter includes: game highways, trail watching, sign reading, habits, food preference, noise and weather, woodland tattletales, woods ranging, shooting ranges, treatment of bagged game and all phases of equipment including: guns, ammunition, binoculars, sportswear and camping necessities.

About Sell, Francis E.

The author of The American Deer Hunter killed his first deer when he was only 14 years old, with an old Model 73, 44-40 Winchester. During his lifetime, Sell added greatly to his skill as a hunter and accounted for many more trophies of his ability. He lived in Oregon’s good deer country where he divided his sport between hunting deer and fishing for steelheads. He managed to sandwich between his sports the creation of excellent articles for sports magazines. His days were made complete by fly-tying and reloading ammunition.