Advanced Fly Fishing

Modern Concepts with Dry Fly, Streamer, Nymph, Wet Fly, and the Spinning Bubble

Book Description

Eugene Burns worked tirelessly and meticulously to research and understand the fundamentals of fly fishing. He questioned traditional fishing methods and ideas used for hundreds of years and honed in on subtle nuances most fishermen gloss over. He fundamentally changed fly fishing by revolutionizing casting with the Lazy S technique and introducing day-glo fluorescent materials to fly tying. “In every page of Advanced Fly Fishing the implied theme is plain,” writes Francis Sells, “each cast must embody all the techniques an angler knows or else he cannot realize the full potentialities of his fly, method and water.”
From short and long casts to dry flies and spinners, Burns breaks new ground on all aspects of fly fishing. This is a perfect book for an experienced angler who wants to learn a few new techniques or a true beginner who wants to learn every aspect and angle of the sport.

About Burns, Eugene F.

Burns was a newsman, AP correspondent, co-inventor of Day-Glo Fluorescent fly tying materials, Park Ranger, and sometimes instructor at Harvard. He was a member of Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club in San Francisco, and wrote about exploits and techniques of many prominent members.