In the Fire of the Eastern Front

The Experiences of a Dutch Waffen-SS Volunteer, 1941-45

Book Description

  • Extraordinary story of a Dutch volunteer in the Waffen-SS
  • Vivid details on SS training and combat on the Eastern Front
  • Account of the little-known siege of Breslau in early 1945

    Dutch SS accounts are very rare, particularly ones that describe recruiting, training, and frontline service as completely and colorfully as In the Fire of the Eastern Front. Hendrick C. Verton volunteered for the Waffen-SS in early 1941 and fought on the Eastern Front until the end of the war as a member of the 5th SS Panzer Division and SS Regiment Besslein.

  • About Verton, Hendrick C.,

    Hendrick C. Verton lives in the Netherlands.