The Climber's Handbook

Book Description

  • New updated edition of a bestselling climbing book with many new photos
  • Skills and techniques for all climbing styles including rock, snow, ice, and alpine climbing
  • The latest in specialist climbing equipment plus emergency and rescue techniques

    Climbing, one of the world's fastest growing sports, is a demanding discipline requiring concentration, courage, physical strength and dexterity, specific equipment and skills, and a thorough knowledge of the climbing environment. Respected mountaineer Garth Hattingh gives clear instruction on all forms of climbing, from sport climbing to scaling Alpine peaks. The sport is explained in detail, with solid information on current equipment, techniques, skills, navigation methods, and emergency procedures. Stunning pictures and clear diagrams inspire and inform both new enthusiasts and experienced climbers. The text has been fully updated by the author and new images showcase the very latest in techniques and equipment.

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