Panzers in Normandy

General Hans Eberbach and the German Defense of France, 1944

Book Description

  • The story of one of Germany's most renowned panzer commanders
  • Based on Eberbach's own papers and writings
  • Details on the armored opponent the Allies faced after D-Day

    In July 1944, after fighting in most of Germany's campaigns--Poland, France in 1940, the Eastern Front--and then serving as Heinz Guderian's troubleshooter, General of Panzer Troops Hans Eberbach took command of Panzer Group West near the vital city of Caen in the British sector of Normandy. During the next two months, Eberbach led German tanks against the Allied onslaught in an ultimately vain attempt to stop the breakthrough into France's interior. Captured by the British at the end of August, Eberbach nevertheless secured himself a place among Germany's best panzer leaders.

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