War in the Aegean

The Campaign for the Eastern Mediterranean in World War II

Book Description

  • First complete retelling of an important but little-known campaign
  • Eyewitness accounts from a colorful cast of German SS troops, British commandos, partisans, spies, Greek pirates, and more

    Both Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler wanted the Aegean Sea in 1943. The British prime minister saw an opportunity to force neutral Turkey into the Allied camp and tie up German forces as the war in Europe gained speed, while the Nazi leader wanted to keep Turkey neutral and maintain Germany?s foothold in the Mediterranean and Greece. The conflict came to a head with British naval and amphibious assaults, primarily on the islands of Cos and Leros, and culminated in a German victory.

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    Peter C. Smith is a well-known authority on the history of dive-bombing and is the author of over sixty naval history books that are published on four continents. He currently lives with his wife and two Labradors in Bedfordshire, England.