Operation Mercury

The Battle for Crete, 1941

Book Description

  • Detailed study of a brief but bloody campaign
  • Full of personal accounts of air, ground, and naval actions
  • Author has made numerous trips to Crete and knows the ground well

    The fall of Crete in May 1941 was a catastrophic blow to the Allied cause. Nevertheless, the British, New Zealand, and Australian defenders forced the German invaders to pay a heavy price for victory. The daring German parachute assault, the first major example of its kind, proved a near disaster--so much so that Hitler never sanctioned another. But the Germans recovered, gained the initiative, and took the island in ten days.

  • About Sadler, John

    John Sadler retired after thirty years in the legal profession to concentrate on writing, teaching, and guiding tours. His earlier books include Scottish Battles (978-0-86241-508-2) and Border Fury (978-1-4058-4022-4). He lives in England.