Haunted Florida

Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Sunshine State

Book Description

Florida's sunny climate and tourist attractions draw plenty of visitors--some of whom never leave. This compilation of supernatural tales shows Florida to be a state rife with eerie occurrences and ghostly denizens. Stories include the spirit of Uncle Charlie at Fernandina Beach's Palace Saloon, the infamous Chupacabras of south Florida, a count's strange obsession with his dead wife, and the mysterious Skunk Ape of Collier County.

About Lower, Catherine

Cathy Lower lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She previously collaborated, with Cynthia Thuma, on Creepy Colleges and Haunted Universities (978-0-76431805-4). Cynthia Thuma is a Florida native who has lived in Broward, Palm Beach, and Leon counties. She previously collaborated, with Cathy Lower, on Creepy Colleges and Haunted Universities (978-0-76431805-4).