Drop Too Many, A

A Paratrooper at Arnhem

Book Description

  • A World War II memoir about one of the most heroic defenses of all time
  • Expands on a story told in Cornelius Ryan's classic book A Bridge Too Far, which was made into a movie starring Anthony Hopkins as Frost
  • Also includes airborne actions in North Africa and Sicily

    As part of Operation Market Garden, the Allies' September 1944 attempt to secure crossings over the Rhine River in the Netherlands, the British 2nd Parachute Regiment, commanded by John Frost, landed outside Arnhem with orders to seize bridges inside the city. The paratroopers did so but were soon cut off from other Allied units. Grossly outnumbered, Frost and his men fought off German armored and infantry assaults for three days and four nights. Finally forced to surrender, Frost spent the remainder of the war in German captivity.

  • About Frost, John D.