Massacre at Tobruk

The British Assault on Rommel, 1942

Book Description

  • Minute-by-minute account of the offensive
  • Covers both the British attackers and the German defenders
  • Explains how and why the assault failed so badly

    In the late summer of 1942, Rommel's Afrika Korps stood perilously close to breaking through to Cairo and the Nile, having already taken the fortress of Tobruk. In a desperate effort to halt the Germans and buy time for the Allies, British forces--including the Royal Marines, Royal Navy, the SAS, and the Long Range Desert Group--attempted to storm Tobruk and destroy the Axis port there. The operation failed with terrible losses. Peter C. Smith unearths many previously unrevealed facts and highlights the bravery and endurance of those who participated.

  • About Smith, Peter C.,

    Peter C. Smith is a well-known authority on the history of dive-bombing and is the author of over sixty naval history books that are published on four continents. He currently lives with his wife and two Labradors in Bedfordshire, England.