Doughboy War

The American Expeditionary Force in World War I

Book Description

This multilayered history of World War I's doughboys captures the experiences of American soldiers as they trained for war, voyaged to France, and faced the harsh reality of combat on the Western Front in 1917-18. Hallas uses the words of the troops themselves to describe the first days in the muddy trenches, the bloody battles for Belleau Wood, the violent clash on the Marne, the seemingly unending morass of the Argonne, and more, revealing what the doughboys saw, what they did, how they felt, and how the Great War affected them.

About Hallas, James H.

James H. Hallas is also the author of The Devil's Anvil: The Assault on Peleliu (978-0275-94646-3), Squandered Victory: The American First Army at St. Mihiel (978-0275-95022-4), and Killing Ground on Okinawa: The Battle for Sugar Loaf Hill (978-0275-94726-2). He lives in Connecticut.