The War Against Rommel's Supply: 1942-43


Book Description

  • Examines a critical but often overlooked aspect of the campaign for North Africa
  • Reevaluates the development of Allied airpower

    This is an exciting account of a little known, yet vital part of World War II: the Allied effort to blockade Axis forces in North Africa with a relatively small number of planes and submarines. Erwin Rommel's desert campaign relied on sea and air supply lines across the Mediterranean, and the Afrika Korps would be crippled if its flow of fuel, parts, and tanks was cut off. Ultimately successful, the Allies' attempts to sever Rommel's supply lines produced some of the war's fiercest air battles and one of only two successful submarine campaigns ever fought.

  • About Levine, Alan J.

    Alan J. Levine is a historian specializing in World War II. His other works include The Strategic Bombing of Germany (0-275-94319-4) and The War against Rommel's Supply Lines (0-275-96521-X).