Fall & Winter Turkey Hunter's Handbook


Book Description

  • Scouting specifics for the 40+ states that offer fall and winter turkey hunting seasons
  • Tactics for approaching landowners and securing permission to hunt private land plus strategies for firearms, bowhunting, and hunting turkeys with dogs
  • Insights on turkey vocalizations, calling birds, locating fall and winter roosts, and patterning flocks

    For the sportsman who thrills at the booming gobble of a spring tom during mating season and wants to extend that exhilarating feeling, Steve Hickoff's Fall and Winter Turkey Hunter's Handbook offers the perfect remedy. Hickoff examines fall turkey behavior and vocalizations and provides details on locating, scouting, and calling fall gobblers, with tips for mapping flock patterns and identifying changing flock composition. Also discussed is the little-known strategy of hunting turkeys with dogs, using them to find and flush flocks. The material on firearms, ammunition, and archery tackle will benefit all turkey hunters--fall, winter, or spring.

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