D-Day to Berlin

The Northwest Europe Campaign, 1944-45

Book Description

This study describes not only what happened from the D-Day landings in June 1944 to the surrender of Germany eleven months later, but also why it happened. While an enormous amount has been written about this campaign, most of it focuses on a single army or an individual battle. Levine stresses a truly integrated approach that combines both strategy and tactics and covers the land, sea, and air efforts of both Allies and Axis. Levine deals extensively with the German side, particularly morale issues, and he includes the role played by Canadian forces--a topic usually neglected in American accounts.

  • Concise history of the Allied campaign to liberate Northwest Europe during World War II
  • Places the campaign in the war's broader context
  • Casts new light on some familiar subjects and recounts many neglected issues

  • About Levine, Alan J.

    Alan J. Levine is a historian specializing in World War II. His other works include The Strategic Bombing of Germany (0-275-94319-4) and The War against Rommel's Supply Lines (0-275-96521-X).