Fishy's Favorites for Bass, Trout, and Salt Water

Book Description

  • 25 new flies
  • How to use the most unconventional materials to create the most effective flies

    As whimsical as it is pragmatic, this book teaches how to tie a fly and have fun doing so. Following the conviction that good designs can be easily made from everyday materials, Fishy ties his flies using an array of unusual items, from meat trays and sandwich wrappers to kickboards and fake fingernails. These simple, realistic patterns are tier-friendly and beautifully illustrated, and Fishy keeps the number of steps and materials to a minimum. He also shares the story of each fly's origin and gives tips on how to fish his flies. Among the patterns recommended for bass are the B. C. Shiner, Stir Stick Damselfly, and Electrician's Hellgrammite; for trout, try the Itsy Bitsy Spider, U. V. Nymph, or Midnight Snack. Saltwater creations include the Bonefishy Fly, Nail-Um, and Duster Streamer. Fishy's inventive spirit is contagious; he encourages readers to experiment with his patterns and to work on designing their own.

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